Rolls Royce Black Badge Wraith Reveal at Canoe Studios

Car reveals - always filled with dramatic potential - are wonderful creative fun and, when it comes to a luxury vehicle's debut, any idea of restraint or subtlety is almost creatively non-existent when it comes to making as big a splash as possible.

Working under the design and production umbrella of David Beahm Experiences, we pulled out all the stops from our bag of lighting tricks this past week for Rolls Royce's "Black Badge" line of vehicles at Canoe Studios in the Starrett Lehigh building at 601 West 26th Street.  In addition to lighting design and lighting production, we also brought to the table top of the line video projection services for the pre-reveal video roll and a rumbling sound track via our state-of-the art audio production services and expert personnel.  

The video rolled, the sound rumbled, and, as the projection screen rolled out, the Rolls Royce Black Badge Wraith was revealed in a flash of light and fog as the curtain parted and the vehicle rolled forward towards the assembled audience.

Great fun and a great evening for all involved.