Intimate Events

Often, we feature the spectacular on this page - events of large and complex scale and scope, tight deadlines, intricate and vast design and production, and long hours on the part of all involved to create the final vision across all disciplines - event design, audio, lighting, video, staging, and production services.

However, and often quite frankly, our weeks throughout the year feature the more intimate event - dinner / dancing celebrations for brides and grooms and some of their friends and family, milestone celebrations for birthdays and anniversaries, and occasions where a corporate client wants to get a couple of dozen clients or colleagues over for dinner to make an important announcement or to discuss objectives for the year ahead.

As the below photo illustrates, these varied functions are not necessarily mind boggling event spectaculars but - though quite beautiful - simpler in scope to execute.  That being said, all of the same design considerations apply - consideration of the event as a comprehensive visual whole, the objectives of the client, and the logistics with regard to getting in and out - and, no less than any other day in our creative work lives, passion for realizing the dreams of the client.  All of these characteristics never change regardless of what we do and each event receives it due consideration to insure success ... and, on our part, we value and enjoy each and every one of them and the visual results of our efforts together with those involved in making these occasions come to fruition.

Event design by David Beahm Experiences, catering by Creative Edge Parties, lighting by L & M Sound & Light