Keno Brothers' "Rolling Sculpture" Auction at Skylight Clarkson Square

Without a doubt our largest indoor event of the year by way of sheer square footage - the entirety of The Skylight Group's Skylight Clarkson Square vast event space on the west side of Manhattan at Washington Street and Houston - we provided comprehensive lighting design and lighting production, audio design and audio production, video services, and event production (staging and power distribution) for the Keno Brothers (often best known for their popular Antiques Roadshow series) amazing luxury automobile display and simultaneous live and on-line auction held in mid-November.  A raw space transformed by the client's skilled curatorial eye and our collaboration with their lead team management to feature each of the vehicles in their most favorable and visually appealing light.

An art gallery vibe ran throughout the visual display of a collector's dream of amazing vehicles - each car displayed on its own custom built plinth - and the careful arrangement of the collection throughout the space rivaled that of any museum curator charged with a similar task - "Rolling Sculpture" was not simply a marketing tool label but reality by the time the set up was complete and ready for guest arrival.  A remarkable presentation and event in every way.