L & M CEO Lou Mannarino endorses Point Source Audio Series8 microphones

Attention to the best audio environment possible is a hallmark of L & M Sound & Light and perhaps nowhere more the case than in our ongoing work for The New York Philharmonic at Lincoln Center's Avery Fisher Hall.  As the article in industry publication Live Design (see link below) details, the natural sound outcome when utilizing the Series8 microphone particularly impressed L & M's CEO Lou Mannarino in addition to the mic's durability and wireless compatibility when incorporating this piece of equipment into his sound design for the orchestra.  To quote Lou - "The SERIES8 mics stand alone thanks to excellent build quality, durability, and the X-connectors that offer easy wireless compatibility. In our world, people do not want to hear the amplification, they just want the natural sound of the speaker. "

Attention to detail, quality, and an excellent and a natural and clear audio environment - all hallmarks of the work of the designs by Lou Mannarino and the work of L & M Sound & Light - the endorsement of this particular product is a symbol of our commitment to this philosophy and outcome event after event.