New addition to our design tool kit - the wireless pin spot

Recently acquired and debuted for the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Noruz benefit (pictured below), we now offer the possibility of wireless pin spotting of table floral center pieces and other key design and decor elements in our event design repertoire of servcies. The remarkably small fixture - complete with a small magnetic plate enhancing rigging possibilities for numerous event situations - lights its intended subject in a soft warm white light with a tight consistent beam spread from fixture to fixture.  Clean installations, the reduction or complete elimination of excess wiring and cabling - all of these aesthetic goals are becoming more and more possible with advancing technology. 

Seeking out innovative tools for our design tool box is an inherent part of the work and mission of L & M Sound & Light.  Whether endeavoring to perfectly light a table floral centerpiece or filling a concert hall with crystal clear sound, our goal for creating elegant and amazing environments both visually and aurally is a constant part of who we are and what we do every day.