Apples and Oranges

Invite at 6, ceremony at 6:30, cocktails at 7, dinner and dancing from 8 to midnight ..... with variations here and there, these are fairly constant parameters for many social occasions.  And then, after that, everything is suddenly different.  Throughout the thousands of events we help create with our particular set of creative and technical skills, bringing a unique and vibrant and meaningful experience to every client remains the one constant that is paradoxically predictable and yet "once in a lifetime" every time we enter into a discussion and begin the collaboration whether straight forward or complex in scope and scale.  Below, two events from this weekend where the photos tell each event's unique visual story. Creating - time and again - a unique and beautiful environment be it traditional or contemporary, cutting edge or timeless, eclectic or filled with symmetry and order.  This is what we do working together with visual event design professionals, planners, producers, and clients who inspire us time and again to bring to the table a unique perspective to another wonderful event.

Saint Regis Hotel - Event design: VISIONS by Sora Lee & Anthony Brown.  Lighting by L & M Sound & Light.

High Line Hotel - Event planning by ever swoon / Tamra Sanford .... Event design by L'Atelier Rouge / Caroline Bailly.  Audio services and lighting by L & M Sound & Light.