More than meets the eye.

See the below photos .... Nothing particularly revolutionary on the surface of the customized lighting treatment to anyone in the special events scene who works beautiful rooms all the time - a space transformed into an elegant reception for a few brief hours.  What is going on, however, is quite modern and getting better all the time.  Wireless LED up lights are the source of the entire lighting installation in both these spaces pictured plus a mix of natural candle light - absolutely key and important - running down the length of the long dinner table in the second photo.  The room is up lit, the windows in both rooms installed with wireless lighting with a customized programmed color tone selected for the evening's reception.

We believe all this is a really important and continuing development on a number of different levels - elegant ambient lighting is easily installed (though be it with fixtures significantly more expensive than a few years ago), the color tones are wonderful, seemingly infinite in choices available and getting better, and - always the goal - the client is delighted with the end results.  It seems so simple but this wonderful addition to our lighting repertoire requires ever more careful design consideration, a balanced mix of natural and artificial light as necessary, and a trained eye always for the desired end result with adjustments made as aesthetically and practically necessary.  Simple and not so simple all at once.

LED lighting - and whatever new technologies develop along with it - is a big and inevitable part of our illumination future - the possibilities are seemingly endless.   Embracing it is important and making the light everything that it can and should be essential.  All this is happening now.  The fixtures and their light sources are improving all the time - companies with a commitment to new ideas, excellent design, and state of the art lighting tools are bringing them on board.  Everyone is adjusting and discovering - the possibilities seem at once both slightly nerve wracking given the need to succeed flawlessly time and again and limitless.

We couldn't have done the below in the way we used to do it just a few short years ago - the quality of LED up lights available was substandard making the LED light practically useless against conventional incandescent fixtures OR, if conventionally up lit, the event space would have been completely wired up (commonly overheard - "why are there cords everywhere?!) all around the elegant event space.  And making changes on site - all very time consuming.  Now, all that seems to be changing depending upon the needs of the event and yet, it hasn't really, because all anyone ever wanted was for the event to look beautiful - another creative effort executed countless times in the past and that we continue to create time and again - in collaboration with our clients and colleagues.  What's old is new again and, these days, more than meets the eye....

European Sculpture & Decorative Arts Cocktails Reception - October 20th, 2014 - Metropolitan Museum of Art - Dining Room from Kirtlington Park

European Sculpture & Decorative Arts Dinner Reception - October 20th, 2014 - Metropolitan Museum of Art - Dining Room from Landsdown House