Always Creating

Perhaps one of the greatest pleasures - and, certainly, multi-tasking mental challenges - in the world of special events lighting design is the creative diversity of the work. In a single recent day - as illustrated below - an elegant corporate reception designed by David Beahm at the New York Public Library while, almost 30 blocks south at High Line Stages, a vividly toned dance party designed by Van Wyck & Van Wyck. Though the visual outcomes are dramatically different, the questions to be asked and the fundamentals of the work to be created are essentially always the same - what is the event about? who is our audience? what are the specific needs? what are the nature of the visual and technical goals to be created? what is the visual world we are creating together? This creative exercise and the focus to attention to detail required never waivers nor changes - and therein lies the almost daily great satisfaction of the work - always creating, always discovering within the work that detail to make it extra special, always collaborating with visual designers and planning and producing professionals to create the next remarkable experience for the client and their guests.